REST API described with Open API Specification

I would be willing to contribute some development effort towards this goal. I am not much of a web or JavaScript guy but I have some technical skills.


Well, there’s no public API yet, so nothing to document at this point :slight_smile:

There will likely be a simple API in the future to add items and hooks.

Regarding the Open API specification - could you please elaborate on why you think this would be useful?

I am aware, but it looks like there are plans to make one and as a developer, I like REST APIs :slight_smile:

I thought the best way to elaborate might be with an example. Below are links to two commits. One, where I show the absolute most minimal example of the models for the data types I am aware of in Everdo. The second shows the generated code for the changes I made in the first commit.

The reason I think this is helpful is that by defining the definition in the OAS standard you get free boilerplate docs, server code, and client code. Note that you would have to choose between OAS v2 or OAS v3, but that migration paths are likely mostly automated.

Thank you for examples.

I’m going to learn to more about this when it comes to building the API.

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Web developer here, let me know if I can help with this

Thank you everyone, I will make sure to reply here when API work begins.