Restoring items from trash

Hello! :grinning: Is it possible to restore items from trash, all or selected, like files from MS Windows trash? In Trash I found only “Empty trash” button. In item’s context menu nothing found about restoring (but why is there “Move to trash”, if item already in trash?).

I found only way: manually drag-and-drop every item to intended (previous) place or change its properties to move out it from trash. But I don’t remember where it was been - in Inbox? in Next? and so on. I forced to make new decision about every item that I want to restore. Am I right? If so, is this “by design” (some strict GTD whip) or just not implemented function yet?

All about Everdo 1.5.14 for Windows.

Hello. There is no way to automatically restore an item back into its original list, since Everdo doesn’t keep track of this state. This is by design, under the assumption that undeleting is a rare event that happens quickly after deleting an item by mistake.