Schedule waiting task

Hello, I want to know if currently I can schedule an item in the waiting list.

My use case is fairly simple, for example, every first day of the month, I want an item to automatically be created in the waiting list which states that Mr. X should send me my pay slip for last month.

I want that feature because it is a time-saver and I don’t have to remind myself to create every month an item in the waiting list.

I tried to create this automation, but I have not succeeded.

Can anyone help me achieve this outcome please?


Hi! It’s an interesting case. Can’t think of a good way to fully automate it with the existing functionality.

Since it’s not really a delegated task, for which Waiting For is intended to be used, I would try framing the action in terms of what you personally have to do, for example “Follow up with Mr. X regarding this and that”. Then you could schedule it as a regular monthly repeating action. Of course you can also move it to Waiting every time it comes up. For a monthly task it’s not too much overhead I think.

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks for the tip @Andrei. It’s the best workaround for this problem I guess.