Scheduled Tasks Being Converted to Next/Focus Tasks

Edit: please note I edited and reposted this bug. This may be related to this issue as I seem to be having trouble with Scheduled Tasks on iOS (latest version of the app and OS).

When I create a scheduled task on iPhone, or open the iPhone app and sync existing scheduled tasks created on another device, all of the scheduled tasks that are present are immediately converted to Next/Focus. I have reinstalled the app, setup sync multiple times, and this is still occurring, so I’m forced to think this is a bug in the iOS app. Anyone else experiencing this? Could it have something to do with the leap year? I can’t figure this one out.

To add to this… it ONLY happens when I’m connected to ESS and syncing. If my phone doesn’t perform a sync (e.g. if wifi/cellular is off) then the task doesn’t change.

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This is being looked at

I have just started to notice this so I don’t have a comprehensive understanding or run-down of the behavior I’m seeing at the moment, but have confirmed that over a few days long-standing repeating tasks have suddenly turned into non-repeating tasks and I’ve had to reconfigure them as repeating tasks.

For example I have a repeating task for every Sunday titled “Weekly GTD Review”, here is the state of that repeating task:

  • The Done section confirms I completed the Feb 18th instance of that task on Feb 19th, this is accurate.
  • The Feb 25th instance of this task was only partially completed, it is still on my focus list and the notes section confirms it’s partially completed status as I marked it down on Feb 25th, this is also accurate.
  • There should be an instance of this task in my scheduled folder marked as a repeating task but there is not.
  • There are two additional instances of this task on my focus list, both of which appeared after the Feb 25th instance and neither of which have anything in the notes to reflect that they have been edited since being generated from the (missing) repeating instance. Neither of these should exist on the focus list.

This general behavior appears to be occurring with several different repeating tasks, I’m monitoring now and trying to document this. The only changes to my environment recently have been Windows updates applied to a Windows system that I leave Everdo running on to act as a server for API calls.

There was a bug introduced in a recent update that affects how the iOS app communicates with the sync service leading to scheduled items being moved to next too early. The bug should be fixed now. Please let me know if you still observe incorrect behavior.

@NirvanaRefugee I assume this is the same issue, let me know if it’s not

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So far it appears to have started working properly. I have not reconfigured all of my repeating tasks to be repeating again but I will do that and continue to monitor, thanks.

@Andrei My app on iOS seems to be working correctly now after reconnecting to ESS. Thank you for your prompt attention to this issue!

@Andrei just confirming this issue has not recurred for me, thanks again.

@Andrei I spoke too soon, the bug just recurred for me a moment ago. After opening everdo on iOS two different repeating events scheduled to appear today that had already appeared has several duplicates generated. One had six additional instances created and the other five.