Search bar way too small since last update

The search bar is way too small since last update. It always was, but now it’s tiny and I always need several click-tries to get there.
Additionaly you should consider a visual hint on how width the search bar is so the user intuitively knows where to click.

This is on Windows, correct? Looks like an issue with some underlying library.

Yep Windows 10 desktop.

Do you plan to change something about this? I repeatedly click to far on the right, it’s like I search for the search.

Hello Manuel.

The issue title says “Search bar way too small since last update”.

After you reported this issue, the width of the search input has been widened to be similar to the width before this issue occurred.

The change is clear when comparing your recent screenshots with the screenshot in your original post.

Do you mean that the width needs to be even greater?

Also if I may, I would suggest using the s or / shortcuts to open the search - much more convenient than clicking since you are going to type in a query anyways.

Yep, that’s what I meant, sorry for beeing unprecise.

Thanks for the tip, good to know.