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The order of projects names on the side panel and on the drop-down menu is different. It is a little confusing.
Bez tytułu
I think we should have a feature to sort projects names alphabetically in both places. Also, the possibility of searching for a project by name during assigning a task to the project is crucial.

Another thing that I believe I have requested before but I can’t find it now is changing the way how tags are ordered on the filter top panel.
Now all tags are sorted alphabetically. I would like to vote for a different approach namely sorting firstly by type (areas, contexts, contacts) and within each group by name. What do you think guys?


This looks wrong in you example because both places have the same set of projects. With real data, the drop-down would have several times more projects than the navigation section because it would include inactive projects. In this case sorting alphabetically makes more sense. At the same time, if we split the drop-down into more sections, such as active/inactive projects, then in would make sense to have the same ordering as in the navigation.

The projects in the navigation section are now sorted manually. I’m not sure replacing that with alphabetic ordering is a good idea.

Agreed. I would like to have the editor redesigned to fix some of its current issues, including this. It’s going to take a while, but it is in the backlog.

It would be nice to understand why you think this is valuable. Thank you!

in what view do you want the different sorting?

Because in my case I have many different responsibilities areas in my work and I have to use the area as my mandatory filter and then the context. That sorting can give a more natural way of choosing filters because it is a logical order for me. area->context/contact.
I understand that other users will not want this and I accept that but I wanted to give it a try :slight_smile:

I am talking about top filter panel which is available within each list.

Not replace but give an option to do that automatically.

Yep, then I think grouping by tag type would be very useful.

I use lots of tagging with labels.
Context and persons as well as areas mixed up with topic labels are confusing and cumbersome to select. Especially on someday items I have lots of labels that are not really that useful when working in the action views. So separating them from each other would be useful.
I know that labels which are not used, won’t show up up there. But when I move a someday item that is labeled with “Books” to my errands next action list I won’t clear that labels off. So over time I end up with lots of labels up there.

E.g. I have the label “Books”, which will show up next to the person “Bertie” and next to the area “BUILDING-MAINTENANCE” and if I wouldn’t prefix contexts with “@”, “calls” and “anywhere” would be next on both sides, too.
As you see I already try to distinguish by using upper and lower-case but the possibiltiies are very limited as well :wink:

If I wan’t to show all actions related to a label or person or area, then I have to find this amongs all other .

In my case I currently use a workaround for areas because of the limitiations of them (discussed somewhere else) which adds cumbersomeness and compelxity to this on another level.

For my main areas like personal and work I use areas. Labels are used for the sub areas, like FINANCIALS, MAINTENANCE and what not.

Today I realized that the tags section on the left side panel contains all tags, not only these which have at least one time used. Don’t you think that tags that aren’t currently used should be hidden?
The same when it comes to contexts.

If I remember correctly, the tags section should combine tags from the set of items that correspond to the current area filter. Only non-archived and non-trash items are considered.

Contexts are a little bit different. They are also determined based on the set of items in the current area, but the archived items are also considered. This is precisely to avoid context disappearing from the navigation section simply because there are currently no items associated with it.
For example, if you have ever used the @context, in Area1 then it will remain in the navigation section of Area1 until you delete the context itself.

Any thoughts about this?

OK I understand. Maybe change the ordering so that capitalized tags come first, sorted alphabetically?
I don’t know a different UI solution that would not be confusing and not add clutter.

Maybe it is possible to change the shape and have rectangular one for areas and rounded one for tags?

I think it might work. I’ll write it down to try sometime.