Server role install

Don’t know how difficult it would be to separate out but it would be useful to install only the server/sync features without the full app UI.

I run a copy on a VM which I only ever access to start/stop the application. I create/update items on phones and laptops which all sync back to this VM.

It would be nice to be able to run the server part as a service on a minimal linux install (or Windows I guess) without all the desktop stuff.

I think some users have been running Everdo on a Linux VPS. It probably involves setting up a virtual X11 display, something like what is described here.

Thanks Andrei. I am just running on my home network and I can think of a few workarounds but they’re all a bit clumsy.

This is not critical, Everdo is working well for me as it is, but it would be nice so I just wanted to float the idea in case you’re thinking of refactoring your code one day :wink: