Set current date when adding a task to waiting for list

Hey Andrei,

when I delegate a task and write it down on my waiting for list, I would like to mark these with the current date so that I’ll be able to keep track and follow up. Or even better, every task will get the current date automatically when added to the list.
Is something like that possible?

Keep up your great work. I highly appreciate this piece of software. :slightly_smiling_face:

Cheers, Stephan


I think It could be interesting but it could be a distraction too. Now, I manually add a comment with dates I have special interest.

Perhaps an approximation could be to include the date of creation and update in the detail view of the task.

Just letting you know how I work around this (I have used this many different task management applications in the past). I use a TextExpander Snippet e.g. ;es expands to “Email sent on 2/2/18 at 12:58”


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Hi Stephan,

I’d like to get a better understanding first. Could you please be more specific about how you would use this? Also, what are you doing right now instead to work around?

When I add a task to my waiting for list its because I delegate a task to someone else in most cases. Then I need a reminder how long is this task “open” in my list - means the person i delegated the task to didn’t gave me a response that the task is done. So every day i go through my waiting list and would like to filter by “creation date > x days” so i can follow up to these people.
I used this method in MLO by misusing the start date for waiting for tasks. Now I am starting to miss this feature when using everdo.

For now I have no real workaround. I tried adding the “delegation date” to the title but i turned out it does not work for me.

Now it makes sense. Thank you for clarification.

When I have a dozen or two items on the “Waiting” list (I use it to delegate tasks), it would be so helpful to see how many days it has been since the “Waiting” status was assigned. Or even when the task was created. Or something. The work-around is to put the current date in the task, so then I have to do date math in my head when I’m writing a follow-up email. It would be so slick to at least group tasks by creation date or see a counter to the right of the title “4 days” letting me know it has been waiting 4 days.


Would this work?

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Looks promising.
In addition to that I suggest to add sort and filter function for this date.

what happened to this?
I were looking for this feature, but could not find it.


Just go to your waiting list. There you have the contacts you are waiting for (or “someone”, if you do not select a specific contact) for each specific task. You find the time difference (or the “how long am I waiting?”) in front of the respective contact.

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