Set due date easily when there was none

In the Desktop app, when there is a due date the icon [due in x days] is shown. Clicking on that allows me to change the due date. When a task needs to be done tomorrow, or it is really due but it has no due date I have to go into the task, select the due button, set a due date.

I would like to suggest in the task overview, to either introduce like the time, energy icons a calender icon to click to set the due date (next to the trash icon?) and/or set/clear the due date from the context menu of the task. This way it is easier to set these dates when none is set.


  • Jorgen

A few existing options that might help here:

  • The d shortcut will set the due date for today, which you can then easily change to target date
  • The : shortcut to open the command mode and specify the due date for example :d 1 Apr or :d 3 check out the documentation for inline commands.

Hi Andrei, neat I did not knew that was possible. That will solve it for me, but I hope you consider adding a menu item on the task context. It’s more uniform if I am clicking around anyway.

Thank you for your help!

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And same request for start date would alos be convenient. Is there also a shorcut to add a start date (like d for due date) ?

  • Drag and drop to “Scheduled”
  • :s command

These are the fastest options.