Severe! corruption of database after using a tag with '&' prefix

On Android, I was trying to split my contacts with contexts by using the ‘@’ sign as context and I was experimenting with the symbol ‘&’ for contacts. So my tag became ‘&Wife’ as it sounds like, I need to discuss this thing with “and Wife”

This caused the tag to vanish, and syncing to stop on both Android and Desktop as I did not see any new labels appear. I forced a clean pull on Desktop from the server and this is what I am presented with:

I assume now I can corrupt the encrypted sync by introducing certain characters in the tags or text, and that they might corrupt the whole database. I did make a backup, and will probably delete all sunc history if possible so that I am not getting problems in the future, but it seems some sanitizing is needed from the client or escaping of special symbols that might corrupt the encrypted string


With regards to the tag renaming issue I was not able to reproduce it so far, unfortunately.

Regarding the sync issue, it looks like “Clean Pull” is broken in the 1.7.3 beta. You can remove the db file and let the application sync normally.

There is no data corruption, the problem is that Clean pull fails to decrypt data.

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Ok, I guess it was a coincedence that I happened to do these sequence of events that caused this “failed decryption” state. I am glad you discovered the root cause of the problem, and I am also glad that I can’t acidentally break the database with a wrongly named tag :wink:

Thank you for looking into this @Andrei

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