Shortcut for assigning action to a project


Is there any shortcut to assign an action to a project? I have seen that :p exists to create a project but I expected :p {projectname} to move assign the action to a certain project.

Currently the only options I see are dragging the action to the project in the sidebar or editing the action field and selecting a project from the dropdown manually but both are much clumsier.

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It could be implemented without too much difficulty, I just didn’t think it very useful without auto-completion for project titles.

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For me it would allow me to clear my inbox faster using the keyboard, instead of having to drag tasks to projects in the sidebar

I think this would be a great feature! With autocompletion of project titles it would be perfect, but even without it would be useful. As @sarb said it’s quicker to clean your inbox without having to use your mouse.

It’s also not intuitive and consistent for :p to only sometimes work (i.e. when the project does not exist).