Shortcut for moving item up/down in list

Hi is there any plan to have shortcut of moving item up/down in current list like Cmd+up/down in Asana? Thanks!

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Yes, it’s on the list of future improvements.

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Thanks for the confirmation. As a proud Pro user I really enjoy the product.

Reminder: Keyboard shortcut needed to obviate need to drag/drop reorder a sequential project.

Preferably without entering the task prior to elevating/demoting it.

Sequential projects are not always immutable in requirement for finishing one before proceeding. Frequent reordering and new task positioning is routine
for me.

[I still use Timeline (Symantec) which is highly keyboard driven. Hard to give the quickness of Timeline for a mouse and the precision required for drag and drop.]

Everdo is superb for the features included.
One day it will rule.
I must have tried twenty current project managers
… none as smooth as Everdo.
What features Everdo has are thoughtful and smooth.
I have been using project managers for 35 years.
[Timeline (pre-Symantec) is still difficult to beat.]

Keyboard shortcuts and inline commands
- a joy for the impatient soul.

Don’t worry It’s not forgotten. I do miss these shortcuts very often myself.

This feature is going to be included in the upcoming release.