Shortcut key to cycle through areas

Hi, on Desktop Shift+1 … Shift+8 pick the areas assigned. However, it would be really useful to have a keyboard shortcut to cycle through the next and previous area. Especially with a daily review, when I want to see if all my areas are representing my current status.

Right now I have the following areas;

  • 201 Personal
  • 202 Health
  • 203 Family
  • 204 Finance
  • 205 Household
  • 206 Home Improvement
  • 207 House and Living
  • 208 Creativity
  • 209 Leisure

(I use PARA, that’s why the codes), they represent my notebooks in Evernote. I cannot assign all to Shift+1 - Shift+8, so having maybe Shift-< and Shift+> to cycle through them would benefit my weekly and sometimes daily reviews a lot.

I will add a ticket with normal priority for this.

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