Shorten URLs for OneNote is not working correctly

Hi :slight_smile: Thanks for great app

For version 1.8.2 Shorten URLs for OneNote is not working correctly

For example links like


It will be converted to this view (screenshot: Screenshot by Lightshot)

As result links will not be opened in the OneNote application

This can be fixed by links like{682E4BE6-93A1-460E-A597…

Could you help with that?
The ability to use Everdo with links to the local apps was the main reason to use it instead of NirvanaHQ for my friends and me

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Thank you for reporting! I have created a ticket for this. I’ll update this post when I have more information. If this is too breaking for you, please consider reverting to a previous version (1.7.x) for the time being.

Any news on this one?
I just startet using onenote more and more for my project support material.

Try running this build