Show created date on items

I would like to be able to see a timestamp of when an item was created. As David Allen says,

If you are using a digital tool that has a date-stamp function, it’s great to use that for the same reason. The 3 percent of the time that this little piece of information will be extremely useful makes it worth developing the simple habit.

All the data is there to make this happen. The only reason this info is still not shown is because there’s no clear use case for it. Without a well-defined use case, it’s not possible to incorporate the feature into the design without it being arbitrary.

So the question is, in what circumstances would you find this useful?

It is an important information that supports the decision to delete an item or to move it to someday, easier.

I can’t count the times I’m scratching my head asking my self “how long is this already in my system. It feels like 2 weeks but in reality this is lurking around for 3 months…”

I think this is a good case. Probably would be sufficient to show the metadata in the editor window, to not clutter the list itself.

I agree. For me, it does not need to be always visible, but easy to obtain if needed.