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Sept. 22, 2020

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Finally, thank you. :slight_smile:
Now only dark theme + markdown support in all notes and I have all my dream features.


Do you plan bringing tag and project autocompletion to the mobile apps?

I think a search in the project selector would be desirable, if that is what you mean. For tags though, I don’t think typing and auto-completion is the way to go. I find the current approach on iOS optimal for tag selection. Simply by tapping the tag options you can add/remove tags, without going to a different screen or pop-up.

That’s true if you only have one screen of tags, I have multiple screens of tags.

You are right. A search would help users with lots of tags. How many tags do you have?

At the moment about 50-60 actively used.
It also would help if the area, labels and contact tags would be collapsible separately in the overview.

I agree, the current UI is certainly not optimized for dealing with this number of tags at the same time. The idea is that using areas would automatically limit the number of tags you see at the same time. Does this work in your situation?

How would using areas limit any number of tags when editing or creating an item?

Sorry, I meant that the number of tags in navigation is limited since they are filtered by relevance. But this only applies to the desktop currently, and certainly doesn’t apply to the editor in the mobile apps.

However a similar approach could be utilized to narrow down the number of tags in the editor as well. By filtering out the irrelevant tags for the current area. If the number of relevant tags per area is small, then a UI without search/typing is appropriate.

In general I seldom use areas outside of review times. And most times only at the computer.
Especially when processing the inbox I’m not in a specific area and even less often when I’m processing on the phone.
A quick way to jump from area tags to contexts tags to contact tags etc. would be helpful.

This is needed for the Waiting for selector,too.

It’s supposed to work in the same way. Have you find a case that is not consistent?

Sorry, I was thinking that I created a wrong tag by accident, but it already was there.
Everything is working as expected.