Sign MacOS package to get rid of the warning and improve security


I just downloaded Everdo and will be evaluating it as a replacement of OmniFocus. But on MacOS, the download and install procedure is not very thrust worthy if you see dialogs like this:


Would you be able to become a registered Apple Developer so you can sign the DMG as well as the application with your Apple Developer ID?



Yes I’m aware of this. To get rid of the warning we must sign the package with a key issued by Apple. Getting the key requires to jump through some hoops, which is why it hasn’t been done yet. It will be done in the near future though.

Forgot to mention.
As far as actual security goes, the DMG and windows packages already come signed with a key issued by DigiCert, which is one of the most trusted certificate authorities.

You can can verify the signature like this:

codesign -dv --verbose=4 /Applications/
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Hello @Andrei,

Any update on you becoming a registered Apple Developer? Currently, you are asking your Mac userbase to jump through hoops by lowering the security on our Macs to allow EverDo to get installed and run.

I am not feeling comfortable with lowering security.


I understand the inconvenience. The native signing will be done soon.

Since 1.2.13, the dmg package is being signed with the native MacOS code signing cert.