Slow UI on Linux (Debian and Fedora)

I’m migrating from macOS to Linux and am finding that the UI feels very laggy on Linux. I’ve tested on both Fedora 33 using an appimage and also installing the .deb on debian 10.

For example, when moving the mouse cursor up and down the left sidebar, the background highlight trails where the cursor and feels very laggy. Also there is a general delay from the moment I click any key e.g. ‘n’ and before I see the response on screen.

I’m running on a 10th gen Intel i7 with 32GB of ram so I don’t believe this is a resource issue.

Is this a known issue?

I noticed significantly less lag when the window is not maximised. It seems that the smaller the window is resized the faster the UI responds. Btw, I haven’t added any data to the app yet, its freshly installed.

I haven’t seen this reported before. Possibly a GPU/driver issue. I need to investigate this further.

I’ve been running the .deb package on Mint since version 17 or 18, now on version 20, and have never had an issue with lag. Are you using open source or proprietary drivers for your GPU?

I have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti with up to date proprietary drivers.
CPU is an AMD Ryzen 5
16GB ram