[Solved] ESS account access problems

I am unable to access my ESS account. It doesn’t seem to recognize my password. I’ve used the forgot password link to reset the PW 4 different times yet I cannot sign in. Any ideas?

What happens when you reset the password? Normally, the account page should open automatically. What do you see happening instead? What happens when you try to log in with the new password?

While this problem persists, if you need to perform any action in your account, please let me know via PM.

After I reset the password the login screen appears. When I enter my email address and new password the screen flashes and the email address and password fields clear. Happens over and over again.

There was indeed an issue that prevented some users from logging into the ESS Web UI. It was caused by recent migration to new servers aimed to further increase performance and robustness of the service. The issue is solved now.