(SOLVED) No download link

Hi there!

Trying to get latest versión of Everdo, requested link with three different mail accounts, checked in spam in all 3, nothing.

Please if you can send me download link by DM, and check what´s the problem with the subscription page. Thanks.

Solved: I sent the link request from other browser (Google Chrome) instead of Edge, which is my default browser. Immediately get the mail with link.

I guess is a browser-related bug, weird as Edge is based on Chromium.

Hello Carlos, yesterday a several users reported issues with getting a download link. It seems there was a problem with email delivery.

By the way, if you are subscribed to the newsletter, then you can always find the download links in the update announcement emails that you have should have received.

Hi Andrei, thanks for your answer.

Yes, I remember that yesterday and look for those mails as an alternative. Even so, I was curious about what happened with the link, so I tried by requesting form other browser and apparently that solved. I didn´t tried again from Edge, so I don´t know if the problem was actually related to the browser or the mail generator.

Anyway, happy to be back with Everdo, already migrated my GTD system and tackling everyday work efficiently as usual. Thanks for such a great product.