[Solved] Tags are removed


I am a new pro user since 2 days and I have 1 little problem. I added all my tasks in the program and give them all of them 1 or more tags and everything went fine. But for some reason, when I create a new task now and give it a tag, the this looks fine for the moment, but when I create another task and give it a tag, then the latest created task have a tag, but for the previous one, the tag is removed automaticly. When I create another new task, this will happen with this tag and the previous one… Is this a bug? How to solve it, so all my tags will be saved?

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Hello. A few questions to help diagnose the issue.

  1. Which platform - desktop / Android / iOS?
  2. Do you use sync, which kind?
  3. Does it happen with a specific tag, or with all of them?
  4. Do you see the tag in the tag management section of the app (“t” in the desktop app)
  5. Does it happen if you disable sync temporarily.
  1. Linux and Windows
  2. I use the Encrypted sync (trial period of 30 days).
  3. Is happen with all of them
  4. Yes I see them all
  5. When I disable sync, everything works fine! So there is some issue with the sync?

After I enable sync again, everything is gone again.

Try opening sync settings and press “Push” to fully synchronize all tags with the sync service. Then this problem should go away.

Thanks for the quick reply, everything works fine now.

That’s great, thanks for letting me know!