Sorry, but you have exceeded Everdo Free limits

I don’t think I should be seeing this message.

I have completely cleared all data. Absolutely bloody everything.

All projects, All Notebooks. Emptied the Trash. Scoured the registry for a mention of Everdo. Uninstalled it. Reinstalled it.

But all I see when I click on the program is a message that says…

Sorry, but you have exceeded Everdo Free limits

Is this a bug or a feature?



I assume you don’t have the product key installed. But if you have no active projects/notebooks/areas, then it’s a bug. When did it start?
Is it possible for you to share you database file? It’s located in the data directory of the app (see Data Directory | Everdo Help)
If you can, please send the db file to If not, try renaming the database file and restarting the app so that a clean database file is created.