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I have my evening routine, where I check what is due the coming days. When I set the label to “all” and filter on due < 7 days, I notice that the due dates are not sorted. With a big list it is hard to interpret what is coming at me and what is further away in the week, when the due dates for tomorrow are intermingled with later items.

Is there a way to sort or auto arrange this list on due date where the tasks for tomorrow are on top, and the tasks later on in the week are on the bottom? If the ranking system gets messed up, I am more than content with a static view that does not allow drag or drop.

I know too many due dates are not a good thing, but there are only two ways to set a planned date in Everdo. Either Scheduled (and then it does not become next-action actionable), or Due (it can stay actionable).

I like to place soft due dates to let them pop up in my focus list, but ideally I would like to see the day ahead what is coming at me.

Maybe I am missing a key workflow functionality that supports this?

Edit: If due items could be grouped and sorted just like the scheduled view with “due” toggled, that would be ideal.


  • Jorgen

Hello Jorgen

No, there is no way to sort by due date automatically. You are not missing it.

Due is a filter, so implementing list grouping based on it is problematic, but I see your point.

I think we would be better off supporting an explicit sorting control in the filter bar. It has been suggested a few times.

The problem though is the ratio of effort to benefit for this is a bit high for a mere “nice to have” feature compared to other features.

Hi Andrei, that is always the trade off. But I think it is worth it also more uniform if the scheduled view honors the time line that the next actions view with due date will do that too.

As for nice to have, it is more than nice to have during a weekly review which right now from a due date standpoint (which tasks are due soon) becomes a nightmare when they are all unsorted.

Thank you for considering it!

I usually try to estimate the amount of time and context switches a feature saves. I agree that this feature could shorten the review of Due dates a bit. Also scanning a longer list of items doesn’t require a context switch compared to a shorter list. So we have a feature that saves 0 context switches and maybe saves a minute per week (even this is generous, as it only takes one second to skip an item with a due date too far into the future when scanning a list). That I call a nice-to-have :wink:

I guess the question is which is more dangerous, skipping an item because it is too far into the future or skipping an item which is due VERY SOON because it was buried in with a whole list of items not due for ages to come.

Another thing when adding a sort by date feature. PLEASE DO NOT make it “sort by due date” please make it “sort by date” Because scheduled items need to show up in the sort which have already started but are not due yet.

I need to see items listed by their start dates and items with due dates which do not have start dates need to show up sorted as well.


make eggs start 8/12 (due 8/24)
make cookies due 8/13
write a letter start 8/24 (no due date)
make a widget start 8/31 (due 9/27)

This lets me know when I need to be working on something. If you do neglect either started items or due items you will not have an accurate view.

It is disturbing that this is not possible yet. Because this is not possible I am left flicking through items in each category and making this list manually :man_facepalming:

I have a suspicion that the reason Andrei has not felt it to be an important feature is because in his work flow, he does do this step manually using a Calendar app.


Everdo has become unusable for me until this is implemented, and seeing others experiencing the same disruptive workflow tells me it really needs more priority than ‘nice to have’.

I switched to Todoist for now until I feel the system does not hinder my productivity, like David Allen said, spending too much time in your system instead of getting things done, is unproductive.

I hope it gets implemented soon though.

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This could easily be fixed if the “focus” view was just moved back into the “scheduled” view.

the scheduled view has everything after “today” and then "today " itself was just moved into it’s own view.

But I need to see my today and tomorrow in the same view!!!

Not everyone duplicates all of their GTD lists into a calendar app.

We want to see this in the GTD app like Todoist and and basically every other app does.

even the default sort should be by date. As of now I have no clue how my tasks are being sorted. It seems senseless. It is completely random. At least sort them all by date by default. It makes no sense to look at them in any other arrangement.

Why is the stuff that is due today at the very bottom. I can’t manage that in my mind.

Not everybody duplicates all their work into a separate calendar app. Nobody wants to do that.

Chiming in…

I would also find automatic sorting (and grouping) very useful - or if not automatic, then manual, in the sense that I can click a button to sort a list by some criteria. I find sorting tasks and projects manually a bit cumbersome, especially when I add a new project, in which case I need to open the project’s view and drag the project to the “right” place.

The most useful sort criteria for me would be:

  1. Due date
  2. Alphabetical (I often use prefixes to tasks)
  3. Created date (for a FIFO workflow)

Your 1,2,3 is absolutely what I want, too.
Sorting by created date also helps in quickly finding one of the latest added items.
There are times when I know I added a specific item / project but can’t remember the exact naming.


Where would “start date” fit into that because currently “due dates” are completely ignored in Everdo while start dates get sorted.

I have found a hack to this issue.
I realized that Everdo sorts tasks by start date while completely ignoring due dates.

Once I realized this I removed all of my due dates and began using start dates.

Now all of my tasks sort nicely.

It is confusing that Due-dates do not sort. I don’t know what the fix is but I recommend changing the word due-date to “reminders”. The user would then understand that of course a reminder would not get sorted.

I guess the “Scheduled” view is very useful for getting a view of items with start dates