Sort by or Group by "due date"

I am new comer to this wonderful GTD app. I could see a lot of similarities (almost all features) with Nirvana GTD app.

I have following feature request to make.

  • Provision to “Sort by due date” or “Group by due date” Next, Focus lists.

I understand that there is a provision to filter tasks by “due date or no due date”. This filter will list only selected criteria whereas Sorting or grouping will list all tasks with due or with no due in one page.

It will be very useful in carrying out daily review and understand which tasks need our immediate attention.

Appreciate your consideration

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Welcome to Everdo and to the forums!

I understand your feature request, and it is technically possible, and makes sense on the surface.

There’s just one thing to consider:

Does this problem need to be solved at software tool level, or at the process/approach level?

The app is developed with the expectation that you have too few overdue actions for sorting them to make sense. In a way, it encourages you not to have many overdue items, instead of “playing along”.

In other words, a Due Today task in Everd is really really Due Today, and N Days Overdue is sort of an emergency.

Please let me know what you think.

My reply assumes your are talking about overdue items which I now realize might not be the case. Sorry about that. Let me think on it.

One way of implementing it is to provide an option “Group by due date” (like Group by project) in Next and Focus lists.

This should sort & group tasks in following order,

Due today
Due Next 7 days
Future due
No due

What is your thought?

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As a way of implementing the feature, I think this would work well.

Is the solution needed? Not sure, need to consider it.

I just can’t see where this need comes from… Normally, few actions have a “hard” due date.

I agree with you …tasks with “real” due dates are very few…

My GTD daily review goes like this…

Look at tasks due today & overdue tasks
Look at tasks due in next 3 days
If I do not have too many tasks on aforementioned categories, it gives me a sense of relief and flexibilty to start working on tasks which do not have due date.

If we look at most of the GTD or productivity apps (except for Nirvana and now Everdo !), there is an option to sort or group by due date.

Well, they probably had their reasons to include that. This sort of reasoning doesn’t get us anywhere ;).

I love this solution!!! Please implement it like this!!!

Please add Group by start date


and that grouping ofcourse would add items which don’t have start dates but have only due dates (in their case the due date is their start date)

Please add goup by start date!!! Please!!!

This was my most used grouping when using

I have left to come back to Everdo by the way because of privacy concerns.

Please add group by start date!!!

It is torturous to have to wade through everything without this feature.

Not everyone uses everdo with a calendar app.