Sort Trash by date + undo

Trash is sorted alphabetically, making it hard to find the last item(s) one deleted. Sorting it by date deleted, in descending order, would be helpful.

Adding an undo option to one or more delete actions could be helpful too.

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The reason trash is not sorted right now is because that would require storing deletion date on items. This is not a huge deal, but seemed kind of unnecessary. I guess it’s true that it can be hard to locate a recently deleted item in a big pile of trash :slight_smile: That said, similar data fields have already been added for data syncing purposes, so it should be possible to finally sort Trash by deletion date.

Undo is more tricky, as it requires to store the place where the item was deleted from - either a list, or a project (which might get deleted as well). I don’t think undo/undelete is worth the trouble considering how infrequently it will be used.

Although the thread is quite old, I would like to revive it again. I just dropped my phone while using Everdo, and I accidentally deleted one item in my inbox by swiping. I tried to find it in the trash but it contains about 1000 items. It kind of bugs me because the note might have been important. Any idea how to deal with such a problem? Wouldn’t it be better to store deletion dates in this case?

Furthermore, I could not peruse my trash because nothing happened when I tried to click on “Show more items (986)”. I tried to restart Everdo several times. Not sure if it is a problem with my personal Everdo or if it is a general issue. Did anyone else have this problem?

Other from that, I enjoy Everdo a lot and wouldn’t want to miss it again!

Are you referring to the Android app only? I think on mobile the Trash is already sorted by deletion date, unless there’s some bug preventing that. In the desktop app Trash will be sorted correctly in today’s release.

Thanks, I was referring to the desktop version, I didn’t clarify that. It works with the update now. Since I use the Android app only for capture and desktop version for everything else, I didn’t have a look at the mobile trash.

However, I still have the issue that nothing seems to happen if I want to have a look at the whole trash folder. “Show more items” in the newest Ubuntu version still doesn’t work for me. Don’t know if it is a (known) bug in general?

This might be a bug, but then it’s quite rare since it requires accumulating a ton of trash items :slight_smile: I will enter it as a defect and see what’s going on.

Meanwhile, is cleaning up the trash an option for you? That would take care of the issue probably. You can see whether there’s anything valuable there by doing a CSV export and review the file with Excel or any spreadsheet program. Sort the file by the list column, the trash rows are marked “Trash”.

Good idea, I’ll empty the trash and export the data before to make sure that I could find anything if I’d really have to. I already found the one missing item with the new sort-by-date trash anyway, so the bug is no big deal.
For some reason I developed the habit to trash inbox items when they’re not important anymore or already done, rather than checking them. Probably because they’re not properly tagged and sorted yet :upside_down_face: