Specific tag does not get synced on local sync

I’m using local sync between Linux (PC) and Android and recently noticed, that one particular tag (nothing special - just three words, separated by two spaces) that I use on the desktop does not get synced. The tasks with these tags do get synced, but they lose the tag when they go to mobile. The tag does not appear in the tag list on mobile, either. This also means, that when I change the task on mobile, it gets synced back to PC and I lose the tag there, as well. :frowning:

I can create the tag on mobile manually. If I add it to the task on mobile manually, it will get synced back to PC. However, I will have to that for every task manually. Still won’t work automatically. :frowning:

What can I do to debug this? I’m on version 1.6.1 on desktop and 1.6-4 on mobile.

Have you tried a manual pull from desktop to mobile?

I just did. First pull and then even clean pull.

Result with both: now desktop and mobile are seriously out of sync. The tag is still not there, but what’s more is, that around 90 actions from the Next list were set to Done on mobile with the date being Jan 1 1970. This can’t be right …

On desktop there are now 94 open next tasks and 333 done. On mobile: 5 open and 426 done. So even the sum is different (by 4 more in total on mobile). Weird …

Not sure what is going on. Probably worth trying to clean the data of the mobile app completely (in Android settings), then reconfigure and pull again.

Also, try force closing the Android app after the pull and reopen it before comparing the item counts.

Please let me know how it goes.

First, I force-closed the app. Item counts were still the same (= didn’t match).

Then I deleted app data, reconfigured and pulled again. Now, the tag is there and properly synced. However, item count is still off (as before). Also, those 90-ish actions that are marked done incorrectly, still are.

I just noticed, that all those from 1970 are in alphabetic order, if that’s any help. Maybe, that’s just standard behavior, though.

I just checked the SQLITE db on the desktop. 92 entries have “created_on = 0”. It seems like those are exactly the items, that are falsely marked as done on mobile. however, on desktop, they are still active (as they should).

I now remember, that a few days ago, I marked many items in my next list as done accidentally because I pressed space continuously while I focused an item in the list. After that, I repeated hitting space for all of them (was easy to identify them since they were at the top of the done list). After that, they were active again, but maybe, this messed something up?

Are you sure it’s created_on and not completed_on? The later would explain why they are dated ‘1970’ in the app and likely explains why they are incorrectly labelled as done. This can be fixed by a script to set completed_on=null where completed_on=0.

As for the count mismatch, can you identify which items are present on Desktop, but not on Android and see if there is anything special about them?

You’re right. It’s “completed on”. I just don’t understand why the desktop doesn’t show them as done?!

I have no idea now, how I should - among more than 400 actions - easily identify which ones are different. It seems like the only way I could automate is by exporting JSON on both devices, parse the ones in the next list and see which ones are missing. However, I have no experience with JSON processing so far. Can you think of another way?