Specify due/schedule date with name of weekday

It would be great if I could write something like

:s Tue

to schedule an action for next Tuesday. That way you wouldn’t always have to think what day of the week it currently is and how many days it is till Tuesday.

Also, some ideas would be:

 :s Jan    

to schedule something for the start of the next January.

:s som   :s eom   :s soq   :s eoq   :s soy   :s eoy

for start of next month, end of current month, start of next quarter, end of current quarter, start of next year, end of current year.

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Yes, this is definitely needed.

I would also like to see this implemented for the weekday option, e.g. “:d Mon”.

I often think in terms of day-of-week, rather than knowing that next Tuesday is the 24th (for example).