Startup list setting on iOS

On Android, one useful setting is “startup list”. On iOS 1.3-3 I cannot find it or anything similar, neither in Settings nor elsewhere. Is this setting implemented on iOS, and if so where would I find it?

This option is missing in the iOS app at the moment.

Okay, thanks for the confirmation.

Is this List where actions without projects live on Android? In iOS/Mac I have a Project called Task List for this but I would be interested to see where it lives on Android, if you can oblige with a screenshot it would be cool, thanks

The startup list setting refers to the setting that determines which list gets open “by default” when you start the app. For example I set Focus as the startup list.

When it comes to the iOS app, it has been recently modified to always restore the last open list, so I’m not sure if the the original request of this topic is relevant anymore.

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