Still the Drag and Drop Bug

Something is still wrong with your DnD code.

I recorded a short screencast.
In this cast I just do a quick sort of items and do a real short DnD operation.
As you can see the items seems to get randomly assigned to contexts, converted to projects or starred.
Depending what menu item is on the same vertical position on the left panel the item technically gets dropped there although my mouse completely stayed in the main panel.
(You can’t see my mouse but it’s really staying horizontal at the somewhat same x-position)

As @Camilo figured out it is related to automatic sync option.

Hm, didn’t try that, but working without auto sync isn’t an option anyway.
Whatever, it isn’t fixed and it’s somewhat critical because fast DnD could mysterialy eat items away and you don’t know where they went.
It’s easy to see what’s happening in the test area with just a few items. But in my production environment when this happens I usually don’t realize that something went wrong and when I do it’s still hard to get back the item, because it could really be everywhere in the system.

I don’t think this issue was ever reported. How long has this been going on for you? What is the operating system? It has to be a Linux-specific bug…

Also, does this happen with a mouse or trackpad or both? A different mouse?

I think this might be the case a few month back, since maybe February?
Win 10, quite sure that it doesn’t matter what device. I use a trackpad and 3 different mice.

Thanks for the details. The issue does seem pretty bad. However looks like it’s universal, else there would be lots of complaints by now. There has to be something special about your situation. Please let me know if you notice anything. I will take a look at the relevant change around February.

Did you have a chance yet to look at this issues? I just was moving a template form my checklist to the project section and it was tagged with the tag / @context that was on vertical the same height on the left in the navigation panel.

@many I have replied you in PM with further diagnostics steps.