Strange behavior when filtering by Areas


App version: 1.8.5 Linux desktop

There is a strange behavior when filtering by Areas, not sure it is a bug or if it was intended.

Let’s suppose I have a project that is assigned to none of the areas and within that project there are some tasks that are assigned to different areas.

If I select an area in the drop-down menu, the project does not show up in the side bar, even though there is at least one task in tagged with that area.

When I use the “Next” entry in the sidebar, I can see only the tasks assigned to that area including the ones inside the unassigned project. The project link is on the side of the task title even though it does not show on the sidebar. If I click the project link, I can access the project itself, but now all the actions are visible independently of the area that is active.

I would expect:

  1. The project to show up in the Projects list on the sidebar if it has at least one task in the area that is selected
  2. Only the tasks that are marked with that area to be visible in the project view when the area is active.

Since tags on the tasks are inherited from the parent project, adding all the areas to the referred project is not a solution.

Hope it is clear enough.


From what I read, this doesn’t seem like a bug.

The design is that sub-tasks inherit properties from their project, not the other way around. Arguments could be made in favor of either way.

Here a design choice is to treat a project as a whole. Doing otherwise would be especially problematic for sequential projects, where hiding a sub-set of actions breaks the ordering of actions.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I understand your point. Keep up with your good work! =)