Streamlining Command Input

The addition of j/k with commands for compling tasks and starring tasks is wonderful! But commands still feel very cumbersome…

Invoking a Command

Required Key Strokes:

  1. Enter (enter edit mode)
  2. CTRL + Right, Space (deselect the title
  3. Type the command
  4. CTRL + Enter

Possible alternative

  1. : (enter edit mode. The commands all start with a colon, after all!). A single-line text input dialog pops up. No task title to accidentally delete.
  2. Type the command
  3. Enter (the dialog hides and the task gently pulses to draw attention to the changed task)

I think this is an interesting suggestion. It will take time to figure out how to design and integrate it properly.

Testing this now and it’s awesome for a frequent inline command user!

Simply opening the editor on : press, appending the “:” at the end of the title seems to work great.