Suddenly flooded by reminders from already done task

I use one particular task that is repeated weekly on Sunday , but only when the last task was checked as done.
For this task I setup a reminder.
Today I got several reminders for this task. When I touch the reminder usually one of two things happen:

  1. It takes me to an already done and archived task
  2. It takes me to no specific task, just to the focus list

Can someone confirm the behavior?

I also experienced this. I also got flooded with reminders even though I checked off this task.

Thank you for confirming. I did get this behavior once or twice, but couldn’t figure out why/when exactly it happened.

One thing to note about the reminders feature is that the app doesn’t directly display the notifications. Instead, it must schedule notifications with the operating system (Android) to be shown at a particular date and time regardless of whether the app is active or stopped.

So there are two potential causes to this “flooding” you experience. Either the app incorrectly schedules multiple notifications to occur at the same time, or Android somehow skips / delays the notifications.

Do you think you have simply received the bulk of delayed notifications from past events, or do you think you got duplicate notifications?

That’s hard to tell, because the notification are inflationary by design.
Honestly, I think it’s more like the bulk of the past.

Today I got over 50 reminders from the same task when I opened Everdo on my android phone.

I set the reminder in January for every week. It always reminds me on the right day but sometimes I check it off a day later.

Good, I will do some testing with similar parameters.

When I open one of the wrong reminders, the everdo app with the finished item opens and four more reminder notifications got fired.

At the moment they come in batches of four about every other minute… I have to disallow notifications for everdo, otherwise my phone isn’t usable anymore.

The repeating configuration is the same as in the first post?

Could you please try reinstalling the app to get rid of all the previously scheduled reminders? If the reminders still appear at the wrong time, then please specify when the reminder first incorrectly appeared relative to its correct time.

I have only one item with reminders and repetition - so yes - that’s the one.
I set this one up months ago and it worked well til now.
So I can do the reinstall, but then it could take months till this happens again.
Don’t know if this is the best way to find the bug.

I think it would give most information to reinstall, since it would wipe any previously scheduled notifications that cannot give use any insight on when/why they were scheduled. Instead we can start with a clean schedule and observe the problematic action carefully.

In the meantime I will try to reproduce it more directly. Please list the exact parameters of your repeating action including the start date, reminder time, repeating day, device timezone, first day of the week. This should be enough to reproduce the issue, unless its OS or device-specific.

Start date 4th July, reminder time is 19:30, first day of week is Monday, UTC+1/CET