Support bulk move via multiselect and drag and drop

There should be a way to assign the project to many tasks at once.
Now when we check many tasks (with ctrl) and use drag and drop to assign the project, the only particular dragged task is assigned. It is a little misleading.

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I think it’s a good idea to try supporting bulk move by using the existing drag and drop functionality.

This turns out to be simple enough that it can be included included in May release.
All drag and drop operations will support multiple selection since 1.3.6.

That is absolutely great!

There should be one more change I believe. Namely, when we select a few items and click outside then the selection should be lost.

Right now, the selection is lost when you click on any other item, or use keyboard navigation (up/down). If we try to remove the selection when clicking outside of the list of items, then the question becomes where to put the cursor.

Maybe the very top item from the selection?

Or the latest one…