Support for custom URL schemes

I noticed that Everdo supports http and file URL schemes, but no custom URL schemes which are provided by nearly all operating systems.

Support for custom URLs in my task management system is extremely useful and kind of essential for me. I would like to link Everdo tasks and projects to supporting material in my knowledge management system (Obsidian), and also to link back from other apps to Everdo tasks. Even inside Everdo it is sometimes useful to link from one task to another.

Obsidian for instance creates URLs which look like obsidian://vault/vaultname/path/to/file. But there are many other apps (Evernote, MLO) that support custom URL schemes as well.

So this is actually two feature requests:

  • Allow linking to other apps with any registered custom URL scheme
  • Register an everdo: URL scheme for linking from other apps to Everdo, or linking inside Everdo

That way we would have two-way integration of Everdo with other apps and also solve the question of linking between tasks in Everdo.

Is this something that is considered for a future Everdo release?

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Huh! I just found that Everdo actually does support custom URL schemes - but only if the colon is followed by 3 slashes. Most custom URL schemes that I saw use either 0 or 2 slashes instead. If there appear to be 3, then this is usuall because what follows the 2 slashes is an absolute path that starts with its own slash. See file URI scheme and list of URI schemes on Wikipedia.

Is there anything that can be done to make 2-slash and 0-slash URIs work as well? When I enter my Obsidian URLs with 3 slashes, then they don’t work. Obsidian is executed, but is then confused by the extra slash.

For those who stumble over this thread, the issue with the 2 slashes is solved in the latest version, and Everdo now supports outgoing links to Obsidian.

Would be nice if incoming links to Everdo from other apps would works as well, although I use them less frequently (usually you link to reference material from tasks, not the other way around).

This seems to only work with the Desktop version of Everdo. I’m not having any luck with the iOS version. I’m actually trying to get this working with Obsidian myself and they now have a mobile version. It’d be great if this worked in mobile.