Sync is working between iPad and iPhone but not desktop


I just extended my ESS subscription for the year, but now the iPad and iPhone are syncing but not the desktop. I’ve turned syncing off on the iPhone and iPad so I can reset the Ess with the desktop, but I keep getting an error message that says this account is already transmitting encrypted data. I did have to get my computer wipes and repaired recently so maybe the connection is broken? Is there anyway to start fresh with the desktop so I can generate the correct sync code form the desktop? Additionally, the iPad app says I’m using the free version but I paid for the pro version and an ESS subscription. can someone tell me how to get the desktop syncing with the mobile devices.

Hello Lyanna.

In order to sync your devices they must share the same encryption key for the data. From your description I suspect that some of the devices are not configured in this way. You should identify the device that generates the “encryption key mismatch” error and fix it’s configuration by updating its encryption key in Sync settings to match the encryption key used in other devices. Please let me know if this works. You can also refer to Encrypted Sync Service | Everdo Help for more details.

String fresh would require you to overwrite all ESS data on the server, which could lead to data loss, since your desktop may have incomplete data. So I suggest that you simply copy the encryption passphrase from your mobile device to the desktop and see if that helps.

This should not affect sync. To get rid of the message you can copy the key file to your iPad and send it to the Everdo app.