Sync on Mobile: Bad Server Response


Once I drag down the screen on the mobile phone “Bad server response” appears as error.
I didnt change anything, it did work 2 weeks ago. I use static IPs, all settings are the same, I checked it 10 times, I even replaced the settings. I use local sync between desktop as server and Phone as client

I then noticed that the sync still happens. So in desktop, I see “API live”, ipconfig shows the proper host. Just the error message pops up, even though the sync happens…which leads me to always doublecheck.

Phone is a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8.
Android 9 PKQ1.190616.001

Is this a known bug?

It’s not a known bug.
What is the app version on the phone and on the computer?

Hi Andrei;

App Version: 1.2-26
Desktop: 1.5.14

Thank you. I will let you know soon.

Does this happen every time you initiate sync, or intermittently?

It happens every time I initiate sync.

Right now only 1 Item has been synced by my phone to the Desktop, the last one added in Inbox, out of 6. Maybe through automated sync?

Also as it seems the Client does not get any syncro from the server. Only the Server gets updates from the Client.

I’m actively looking into this.

A few things to try for now:

  • Try restarting Everdo on the server if you haven’t already.
  • Try initiating a clean pull in the Android app (if you don’t mind overwriting all data on the phone with server data).
  • If the above doesn’t help, try to determine whether sync works in one direction or not at all.

Thank you for your help.

First two didnt work.

Sync in one direction works as described. Only the Server gets synced, mostly by the regular local sync setting of the app I guess.