Sync Problems: running into timeouts

I noticed differeing items on my devices. Usually when that happens I push from my leading device and all is fine.
But now I get this when I push or push force

I was able to reproduce this finally. The current timeout in the app is getting too low for the amount of data pushed in one go. I suspect should only only affect long-time or particularly heavy users of the app, or maybe ones on a slow connection.

A proper solution for this requires some redesigning of the push workflow, which will probably be done for the next release.

A very easy workaround that I tested is to run the push on a faster network.

Another temporary workaround is for me to build a version of the app with an increased timeout.

I’m planning to make an early access build available in a few weeks, in which the increased timeout will be included.

But if this issue is blocking you or anyone else right now, please let me know and I’ll make you a build as soon as possible.

So the issue with duplicated items could be a side effect of this, is because the sync does not work properly the repeating element is created on both ends?

But sync may work again later on a faster network and then I end up with duplicates.