Sync to LAN and WLAN not without changing settings

Hi there,
usually I used my laptop (sync server) sitting on a docking station connected to LAN.
Syncing with the LAN-IP works flawlessly.

But when I detach my laptop from the dockinng station and then being connected by WLAN to the local network I cannot sync without first manually changing the IP in both settings (server and client) from LAN-IP to WLAN-IP.

That’s pretty much annoying.

My calendar tool EPIM (essentail PIM) syncs flawlessly regardless if LAN or WLAN. Even more, this program evaluates (all) the possible server IPs by itself and notes them all in the settings. The client just scans the connected network and finds mysteriously the server (who is listening) by itself.
So that proves to me, that an easy was is possible indeed.

But aside from that ‘automatic’ way it would be very helpful, if there could be more than one IP in the settings manually to be entered. I tried this, but without success. Even worse, android app ends up in immedeate and constant crashes.

Supporting two server IPs in the application would be a pretty non-standard solution for this and would complicate the code quite a bit.

There are already other solutions for this kind of scenario outside the scope of the app, typically for this you would edit your host files on the clients to point one hostname to both IP addresses and then use that hostname on the app’s server configuration.

You could also spin up a DNS sever for your local network but it sounds like the host files might make more sense for you, especially if your phone is android.

Well, as I mentioned EPIM does it with ease. And I think that feature would make Everdo shining also.

Your other proposals are quite nice, maybe solves the issue technically. But I see it from a user point of view, not as an network expert. And as an user I’m lost with Everdo, when switching from LAN to WLan and from Home-Lan to my mothers WLan and have to fiddle with a bunch of IPs manually.

You could just try and use the name of your machine instead of the IP, with a little luck your routers take care and refer to the correct IP address in the given environment. If this does not work out you should really consider using the sync service.

To accomplish what you’re looking to do:

  1. Have the computer hosting Everdo listen on (any network interface)
  2. Point the client to the computer’s name

That would be awesome, if it would work - but unfortunately it does not (to my part of knowledge).

Windows-server listening to works!
But pointing the android client to the hostname does not, I have to point the client to the explicit server-IP.

Maybe its within my configuration of android, I don’t know.