Tag gets removed during sync

It happens sometimes, when I add a tag to todo, after a couple of seconds everdo removes the tag. If I remove the problematic todo, and add it again, then the tag remains. I think the problem is somewhere around the sync. Other than that, there is no problem with the sync, it works properly.

Everdo version: 1.2.8 Pro
I use Encripted Sync Sevices.

I know, it’s not a lot of information, so I ask: what information do you need to find the bug, and what do I have to do, to provide those? I’m a software developer, I understand technical jargon, and I can carry out more advanced, technical tasks, if you need. Just tell me what do you need.

Thank you for reporting! The following details would help:

  1. Does this happen on desktop or mobile or both?
  2. Does this happen to newly created or old items?
  3. Does this happen with any tag or just specific ones?
  4. Roughly how often do you get this in % of all tag edits

In general, any pattern you might notice with the circumstances when the bug occurs vs when it doesn’t occur, will be helpful.

Just to be sure, the app versions should be at least 1.2.6 on Desktop and 0.80.0+ on Android.

  1. It happened both on Linux and Android. I manage my to-dos on the desktop. There I noticed this behaviour. Every time I added the tag, after a couple of seconds (a minute, maybe) removed the tag. I didn’t see added tag on my Android, either. It looked like, the server overwrites my local settings.
  2. I noticed this two times. First time, it solved the problem, when I deleted the problematic to-do items, the second time, I deleted and created the tag, that solved the problem, too.
  3. It only happened with one specified tag.
  4. I don’t edit the tags that much, and I don’t have much tags. It’s hard to say, but I think below 10%.

I didn’t notice any pattern. For me, it looked like there was some sync data inconsistency, and it kept overwriting my local settings with settings from the server. It’s a hunch, I don’t have any proof of that.

I don’t remember the Android version, but the desktop version was 1.2.8 Pro (as it is written in the first post)

At the moment it works perfectly, and I saw that the last release contained some sync related fixed. It might also solved my problem. I suggest to “close” this, if I encounter the problem again, I try to collect more information, and open a new bug for it.


Unfortunately the problem still persists, and I couldn’t find any additional information. Answer to your questions:

  1. It happens both on desktop and mobile.
  2. It happens with new, and with old items.
  3. It happens with one specified tag.
  4. I noticed this behaviour only with one tag. I only have only 5 tags, I don’t create new ones that often. All the tags are contexts.

It seemed that the server and the application was out-of-sync, and for some reason the information from the server always overrode the client. I thought, that something was wrong with the tag, so I edited it (I changed the name), and apparently that solved the problem. The sync works properly at the moment.

Please PM me your sync account email. Next time the bug happens, send me the time when it happened, with your timezone. Then I might be able to find more details in the logs. Thank you!

Hey, I’ve been having this same issue when trying to use ESS. I’ve switched to local sync for now, but this issue occurred a few times last night and earlier today. This mainly occurred for me when I tried to set related actions, like duration or due date. It would wipe the tag every time I tried to sync it after that. Let me know if you would like me to replicate the bug again. I’ve PMed the account email to you.

Thank you. I will try to have it resolved ASAP.

Thanks for providing your ESS account email. This let me check the logs quickly and I saw there was never a Push to ESS done. It’s a critical step to avoid the sort of “incomplete” syncing you are experiencing.

To quote the ESS guide here on forum:

Important: now you need to click the Push button to ensure all existing items and tags from that device get added to ESS. Otherwise syncing may be incomplete, resulting in missing tags, projects and so on.

Please try doing a Push from one of the devices with complete data, and it will most likely fix the problem in your case.

A similar issue was was also described in this topic: [Fixed] Tags not sticking (and erasing themselves) on Android app with ESS enabled - #6 by Andrei

@bpeter I don’t know if this fix applies to you without knowing the ESS user id. But it won’t hurt to try as it’s often the case.

Hi Andrei

Yes, it is possible, that is the cause. To be honest, I didn’t even know, that there is such button, and I have to push it. Why do I have to do that? Why can’t the application automatically sync as soon as I changed something?

Usually the push is only needed once when migrating from network sync to ESS sync. The application does indeed sync changes on it’s own, but in the case of migrating to a different sync method, syncing only incremental changes is not sufficient - the whole database needs to be pushed to the server. This is deliberately a manual operation because of the possibility of re-writing data.