Tags/Contexts are not always synched


first: great app!
I am having some problems witht the synch. I am using a local synchronisation:

Often tags or contexts are not synchronized with the server. Everything else is synched perfectly. This happens on different clients, which means that I have different tags on each device.


A few questions:

  1. Do you see the missing tags in the list of all tags on the client? (press T to open the tag manager dialog)
  2. When you make a pull, does it update tags on the client?
    To make a pull, go to client settings, sync tab, and press “pull” button.

Thanks for the response.

  1. I am not sure about that, this morning I saw that the tag is now gone from the client.
  2. I tried a pull but this did not change anything.

I will give you more information if this happens again I can reproduce the issue.


I just don’t know if I understood the problem correctly: does the tag go completely missing on the client, or is it missing on certain items while still present in the database (as seen in the tags list).

Do you mean it didn’t update the items to represent the correct state?

the tag is now completely missing. I am currently not able to reproduce the issue. :frowning:
Yes the pull did not update the items as they, where represented on the server.

I will try to give you more feedback if this happens again! I am a software developer myself and I know that you need better reproduction steps than I have provided. :slight_smile:


Recently I had I similar issue with a strangely behaving action which is completely missing now, and a deleted tag. I’m pretty sure that in my case I know the cause: accidentially, I edited the same item both in my server and client, but without synchronising them in between. After synchronising, the item looked like the client version and couldn’t be edited at all in the server at first. After restarting, I could edit it again, but it wouldn’t accept new tags and then it disappeared completely. The tag I created for this item on the client is missing as well. Maybe this was your problem as well? and maybe this is a more general sync problem which can be solved?

Hi Coffee,

I did not change one item on the server and the client. However, I remember that I had the issue when I renamed the tag on the client. On the server the tag still had the old name, as well as on other clients.


Not saying this is definitely the cause in these cases, but another thing to keep in mind is that Clock accuracy is crucial in getting sync to work correctly between devices.

To illustrate, if you somehow create an item when computer your clock is set to +1 year from now (2020), that item will not accept new changes from other devices until 2020 because it’s considered to have “newer” data already.

Another example: Let’s say you sync now, then rewind your clock back a few days, create an item, then correct the clock and try to sync. The new item will never get synced to other devices because it’s considered synced already according to it’s creation date, which looks like it was after the previous sync.

Issues of this kind can only be solved by having the same clock on all devices, or more realistically, just setting the correct clock value.