Tags UI inconsistent across platforms

Hi Andrei,

I’m experiencing an incosisten behaviour across iOS & windows platforms when we talk about CONTEXTS. On windows in the sidebar only shows the “active” contexts (tags with one or more actions), but on iOS it always shows in the sidebar all contexts despite they have actions or not.

Your thoughts?

By design, all contexts should be visible in navigation even if they don’t currently have any active next actions. I’m not sure how you are getting the behavior that you are describing.

For example if you create an action in a new context @c, complete and archive the action, the context @c will remain visible.

Contexts not in the sidebar are the ones that don’t have any action


As a test, what if you assign an action to a context? Does it appear in the navigation section? What happens after you complete the action?

I should have emphasized another thing. If there are absolutely 0 actions ever created in a context, then it will not appear. But in practice this doesn’t matter because any past completed actions count.