Task drag and drop breaks when moving outside of task list area

I am seeing a problem specifically when re-arranging tasks via drag-and-drop.

If during drag-and-drop my mouse stays within the task list area, all is good.

If, while dragging and dropping an item, I move outside the task area, for example in the left side-panel, even by a single pixel, then I can no longer drop my item between other tasks. I have to let it go, and then drag it again, carefully ensuring I don’t move outside of the confines of that panel.

This is annoying, because:

  • The handle is very close to the panel limits. It’s easy to move just a few pixels to the left, and invalidate my dragging and dropping
  • When I have to re-arrange a tasks, I usually have to scroll all the way up or down. It’s easy for the mouse to move far away when doing these kind of broad movements.

I can consistently reproduce it on my client(MacOS 10.14.6 / EverDo 1.2.17). Let me know if you want me to produce a screen capture of it.

Thank you in advance.

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