Tasks with @context tag are not always displayed in "Contexts"

Right now I have 7 actions that have the tag “@shopping::online”. Only 2 of those 7 tasks appears when I click on the “shopping::online” context. I don’t use areas.

It is not the first time it happens and I have not been able so far to detect a pattern when or why it occurs.

I sometimes add actions on Android and sometimes on Linux. I use ESS to synchronize.

If you have any hypothesis I’m happy to try some sequence of steps to confirm it.

OK, I think I understood now.

When selecting the context it only shows the one next item for every project. Since I have multiple actions in one project they are not all being shown. I assume that this is by design.

I don’t find this to be intuitive, but I understand the rationale. Maybe you could mention it in the documentation?

You can switch the default behavior of project from sequential to parallel next actions. Or you can change this per project inside project details.