Tell us about Andrei

Forgive me if this has already been posted somewhere but I could not find information about you, Andrei.

Maybe it’s not something you want to share. I understand that. Such as where you are from and based currently. Things you do outside of Everdo.

I’m not online much. My social media accounts are empty/dead. Here’s my mostly up-to-date linked in profile Outside of work I’m currently studying mathematics at undergrad level. The little time that remains I spend with family and friends, as does everybody else I guess :slight_smile:


What music do you listen to?

Dubstep gets me into creative flow and keeps me awake.

I usually listen to something chill when working. Think Orbital - Belfast. It’s no good for sleepiness, but I don’t work when sleepy :slight_smile: There are great playlists and compilations online. For fun I listen to all kinds of EDM. I think I have heard it all though over the years. Very rarely do I find anything that’s exciting anymore. Lately I find myself listening to the BBC Essential Mix show (archives). Maybe one 2-hour set out of 50 is somewhat interesting. There are absolutely brilliant ones though. Like the Camo and Krooked mix which came out not long ago, in 2017 I think. I have probably listened to it a good hundred times.

Great track. I love orbital.

Thank you for that. I had never heard of this before. I found one by Skrillex , one of my favorites

These are cool. Thank you. I’m getting a feel for the kind of music you’re into.
I used to listen to a lot of liquid D&B

I often get stuck on a track that I need to play over and over again for a straight week.

The last one that caught me was

So good.

LOL. I’m always sleepy T_T

The BBC show doesn’t feature D&B much (unfortunately), but if you’re into modern light/liquid D&B, check out Liquicity Yearmix on youtube.

Also you probably know about Hospital Records label, but if not it’s worthy of checking out. Oh and google London Elektricity Big Band.

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