Thunderbird plugin

Hi All!

I created a very simple Thunderbird plugin that allows tasks in Everdo to be created from mails in Thunderbird. It is pre-alpha quality and there’s no XPI yet. Also, take into account that this is the first Thunderbird plugin I wrote. :smiley:

Anyway, the code is here:

The main issue now is what to put in the description of a newly created task. Namely, many mails are in HTML format only, and Everdo doesn’t support HTML in the task description.

Apart from that, there’re many other issues, like e.g. missing error checks.


Thanks for sharing! I don’t use Thunderbird personally, so can’t test properly, but I know many Linux users do.

I just updated plugin and also published XPI so that’s easy to install in Thunderbird. I’m using tihs plugin on Thunderbird 68.9.0.

What’s new:

  • configuration options to enter Everdo API key and URL
  • task description contains metadata from header (author, subject, to, cc, bcc fields)
  • when mail is converted into task if there’s plain text version of mail body it is entered into task description

Note that you still need to fetch Everdo’s TLS certificate and install it in Thunderbird.

New tasks appear in Inbox where you can edit them and transfer to other project and add more details to the task.


Nice. Unfortunately I don’t use thunderbird.
I’m waiting for native email to inbox feature.

There’s new version. What’s new is that now it’s possible to use template for newly created tasks. Also, there’s XPI for easier installation.

Note: XPI file is on Releases page even though on the main page it says there are no releases.