Time-based evaluation of Pro?

I’m excited to try Everdo. However, the limit of 5 projects has stumped me. I’m not sure how I can evaluate the product when I can’t move my current GTD world into it.

I absolutely love your approach to non-SaaS. Too many products are sold as SaaS, simply because the owners want a steady stream of revenue (who wouldn’t!). But equally, it means purchasing the product without a proper evaluation is quite a commitment.

Any suggestions for how to continue? In the long term, I think you might benefit from offering time-limited evaluations - users may be more likely to convert due to the investment they’ve already made. Is there any way to evaluate with more than 5 projects?

FYI - the tool looks cool, so I’m jumping in anyway. But I’ll leave this topic here in case it’s a helpful feature request/idea.

This is a frequent feedback and I’m looking for solution.

I think one needs to have clear goals or questions in evaluating an app. For example, since I already know how GTD works, I would only be concerned about 3 things: 1) support for the required features, 2) bugs / stability, 3) speed of navigation and items processing. I think for these purposes, just importing my 5 main projects to Everdo and trying to work on them would be more than enough.

If I didn’t already know how to use GTD, then clearly a 5-project limit would be problematic.