Time + energy estimates on the right

I love the energy field and use the time estimate a lot as well.

As we don’t have a “total time” in views, I just eyeball it, going over my tasks. But with different labels, the time and energy estimates never line up; your eyes keep searching.

I wonder if it would be possible to have energy and time, in that order, appear on the very right side of the task, where now the labels are listed.

As they are basically fixed width, those energy & time columns would always align.

Level: very nice to have.

  1. It might be more helpful to just have the total time for the view calculated somewhere.

  2. The time and energy labels will soon become interactive, i.e. the user will be able to change the value directly via a contextual menu. And the ‘delete’ button is on the right as well.

  3. For items without a time/energy there would have to be a blank/wasted space between the tags and the delete button to maintain the alignment.


Calculated total time is even better. Maybe in brackets after the view name (Focus, project name, etc)

How about this?


Love the time estimates on Projects but miss it in the Focus view. It’s a bit of a trick to figure out how much to squeeze in there :slight_smile:

I agree that this may be useful. Need to come up with a way to display it properly.

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Maybe Why is there no item counts in all sections of the sidebar? - #4 by Andrei is an option.

I would then suggest:

  • Only show count + time estimate in collapsed view: this way you have a clean interface and the option to see more info
  • Only show total time for projects when you click into the project, so the project list remains clean

What do you think?