TIP: checking sync

Since there is no running indicator of if or when things have been backed up or synced

Like here in Google docs

You can make a Permanent Uncheckable sync check task.


To check if sync happened, just add the date and time to the notes section.


Hmm I don’t get it :slight_smile:

Oh. Sorry.
You just check on the other device that the newly added time entry showed up.

If you create the note on Device A and the note showed on Device B , then sync had occurred.

I also have to make a mental note to remember that before I close the desktop Everdo, I need to physically go into the sync task and update the note to the current time and then double check on my phone app that the item was updated, then I can know that everything had been synced.

If I forget to do that, I’ll be running around all day wondering if everything I did on the desktop had been updated on the phone.

Then I basically feel scared to touch the mobile app because I fear the chaos that will happen when I have time to sit down at the desktop.

So the tip is not perfect. You have to physically remember to do it.

A perfect solution would be an indicator in the titlebar like googledocs have that shows automatically the last time everything was backed up.

I do agree that a sync indicator would be great, but unless you have frequent internet connectivity issues, it should just always work, as long as the app is active. At least I’m not aware of any bugs left that would prevent auto-sync from working.

When I have poor internet and want to make sure devices are in sync, I just tap focus on some of the Inbox items.

Isn’t the main reason for the existence of sync, to sync with a mobile device?
mobile devices = connectivity issues. Going through train tunnels or hiking and several other issues. Connectivity issues are the norm. This is literally why I am posting this TIP. Not everyone is at a their own desktop for work.

Not only that but I have often found that even when performing this TIP, the sync is not instant. It took several seconds to do the sync and if I had shut down my computer before the sync had actually happened, I would have been in trouble. But because I performed the tip and waited to see that the sync actually happened, I was able to safely shutdown my computer and walk away with my mobile device.

Andrei, your apps sync perfectly. This is one reason why I prefer your app to Todoist nightmare. Your apps CANNOT sync any better than they do. Sync is not the problem.

The issue is sync indication.

And it sounds like you have your own hack for your own app of which you are the developer.

I honestly like your hack more than mine.

I don’t get the tap on focus to sync :no_mouth:

The point is to focus some item and look at another device to see if the change propagated. As a way of verifying that sync is working.

This was a while ago. A sync status indicator is getting added really soon, but still, the indicator will only show what the indicator shows :slight_smile: . The only way to really see that sync worked is to see the actual changes propagate.