TIP : Getting Around Lack of Reminders

The lack of time reminders functionality is hard to get around in these early days. Many have found ways to bandaid this in various ways including tediously creating calendar events for tasks they want reminders of etc.

I personally recommend creating Google Keep notes reminders for specific Everdo filters.

I have an Everdo filter and Keep note ( @home & high energy +work-task due-today )

I take a screen capture of this list from Everdo and paste that into my Keep note for that respected filter.

Keep let’s you set AMAZING REMINDERS the features are awesome. They let you nag or repeat and snooze etc. And the picture pops up in your phone notifications.

I wish that it were easier to copy Everdo tasks from mobile into keep but for now I use screen capture.

The problem is that once I’ve finished a tasks I have to then go into Everdo and find it and check it off. I can’t do it from the keep notification , obviously.

If Everdo could allow us to set various filters as a reminder or even quickly share a filtered list to another app. That would help tremendously.

I recommend using Everdo with Google keep.

I have the following Reminders.

Projects due today

Routines due today

Tasks high energy due today at home

Low energy work tasks, meetings with people and printing docs etc

Commuting tasks/ shopping etc

At home mid/ low energy due today

8:30 pm
Before bed tasks at home due today low energy

I have these tasks NAG me until I completed them and can discontinue the nag.

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Another problem with this hack/bandaid/work-around is the lack of automation.

If timed reminders were a function of Everdo, this would all just happen as it does with Todoist.

But you have to filter your list and take a screen capture and do the ground work in Google Keep and then EVER DAY you have to curate that list and add a new picture to your Keep note. If you forget to do it one day, you don’t get the reminder or if you set up Keep like I do, you get the reoccurring reminder with the picture from yesterday which kills your motivation to look at the reminder in the future because you think, “arg I have to curate that again.” And then you stop looking at them all together.

Another drawback of this hack is that there notification is only visual.

I like to have my notifications read to me out loud.

When I’m on my way to work on my bicycle listening to my Podcast I get a reminder at 7:30 that reads off the things I need to do first when I arrive at work.

This was all automated when I had the task app that had timed reminders.

With this keep app you will have to pencil that in manually and actually remember to do it.

Question, do you know if reminders is a planned feature?

T_T my pillow is soaked with tears.