Translation into other languages

Just the topic title, the possibility to get Everdo in other languages. Even the community could help in this task.

This was asked a few times before. While localization surely wouldn’t hurt, we still have many things to develop which are more valuable to most users than localization.

The way i see it: there’s so little to translate in Everdo, it can be used by a person with almost no English vocabulary. Yet the effort to make it support multiple languages is significant.

Please translate the app into Russian or post the source text to the Crowdin platform (or others like it) so that the community can help you with the translation into other languages.

Unfortunately It’s not just about translating words. Additional development and support effort is required to make the application support multiple languages. For now the focus is on other things, such as making sync and mobile apps seamless.

Are there plans to open up for localisation within the foreseeable future?

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There are not plans yet.